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Kate Beckett + Close Up. 

Kate Beckett + Close Up. 

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San Francisco by SamAlive
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Once Upon a Time: a summary

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 John Greenwood

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June has come around and the show is officially on hiatus for another 3 months. And it’s safe to say that that is boring as hell. So- we have decided to start challenges.

Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted. A challenge is a request to make a certain gifset/graphic, without it being a competition. We want you to show us your creative side. Every challenge will have its own specific request. You make it, post it, mention that it’s for said challenge and tag it specifically so we can find it and reblog it onto our blog. Info on how to post the challenges will be on the challenge posts!

The first challenge will be posted tomorrow! So make sure to look out for it and show us what you can do in Photoshop! We hope you like this idea and we hope that lots of people will participate. If you’d like, help spread this around, by reblogging this, so more people will be able to read this and enter!

To give you an idea of what’s to come, here’s a few examples of challenges: favorite kiss, a season gifset/graphic, scenery, objects, a certain color.

Good luck during this hiatus, we hope our challenges will be a nice way of getting through it all!

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Castle/Beckett moments in season 6 (request)

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….tea rexes. Hahaha? Get it? Tea. Ha. I’m going to sleep.


….tea rexes. Hahaha? Get it? Tea. Ha. I’m going to sleep.

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Anonymous said:

I don't know if it has been done, but what about a gifset paralleling Kate's reaction to the 'some sunny day' song from Nieman/Tyson in 'Disciple' with her reaction to seeing Castle's car in the finale??

it’s here. thank you though

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bella loves to get her fur brushed! 

bella loves to get her fur brushed! 

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can i request a hug and a trip down the yellow brick road?

d’awww well here is your hug
image and sorry i just ran out of magic for a trip down yellow brick road

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acciostana replied to your post: acciostana asked:get on skype or …


must have been sleeptumbling

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