I have a secret to tell you. Are you ready for it? Here it is. You’re my favorite! Just kidding that’s not a secret because I tell you everyday. But seriously, you are fabulous. Somehow you always manage to me make me laugh with every single ¬†message that you send me. How do you do that. Thank you for being such an awesome human being and always listening to me ramble. I cherish you forever. Stay the way you are. I love you, Lisa Bo Bisa!

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  1. tfey said: I just saw this! KELLEY. STOP IT. This is so sweet and beautiful and I can’t stop staring at the graphic. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. AND KDNFAJDPWKJPFU THE HUNGER GAMES. I’ll message you about this very important topic when I had more than 2 hours of sleep.
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